Challenge Barcelona

On Sunday I did Challenge Barcelona.  This was to be my 4th Iron Distance race in the last 7weeks with a half distance race thrown in there too.  So I knew going into the race that this might be a long shot,  but I still felt confident of gettinga  top 5 result and picking up a decent pay cheque.

On race day the weather was lovely, warm, sunny and fairly still wind.  I had a good swim coming out in the front group, then had a good bike coming of the bike in 2nd with Anton Blokin, we had a 5min 30sec gap to 1st and we had about the same to a big group behind.

From the start of the run my legs didn’t seem to be there,  but I persisted and picked up the pace in the 2nd 10km, but then I faded and really had nothing, I eventually called it a day at the 30km mark and walked back to the hotel with Bella and Charlie.  I was dissapointed,  but I had given it my best shot and I guess this last 2months of racing has tired me out. 

The finish at Challenge Vichy, with Bella and Charlie waiting for me. The high point of my race season:)

I have raced 6 Challenge races this year.  It has been a really good experience, every one of the races has been well organised and a great advert for triathlon.  Thank you to Felix and Kathrin Walchshoefer of the Challenge organisation for being at all the races and being so welcoming  to me and every competitor into the Challenge Family:)  I need a bit of a rest just now so it might be next year till I do my next Challenge event, but I can’t wait!

Charlie the aero tortoise!

Bella, Charlie and I are back to Switzerland now and I am enjoying some easier training, which I will do for a while to recopperate.  Bella is really getting going now with her training, so I can look after Charlie a bit more while she gets stuck in to it.  Charlie is doing great and growing all the time.  He likes coming swimming in the morning and watches us swim very intently, and it often looks like he is assessing everyones swim strokes:)


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1 Response to Challenge Barcelona

  1. Chris Daly says:

    Well done Stephen awesome effort over the last few months. You deserve a rest. All grist for the mill. Missed seeing you guys this year.

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