Cycle to Gerardmere, race and ride home.

Since Challenge Henley 2 weeks ago I have had a good recovery and started to get in some good training again. In fact with my training buddies from Team TBB; Aaron Farlow, Dave Dellow and Caroline Steffan, we have decided on a special training plan for this week and weekend. On Wednesday we all left on our bikes for Gerardmere France so we can race the Half distance on Saturday.

Bella trying to get up to date with emails, whilst holding Charlie:)

It is 300km from Leysin, so we decided it would be a great ride over 2days. Bella and Charlie went in the car, Bella driving with Charlie in the car seat in the back. Charlie quite likes driving so was fairly content for most of the journey.

Wednesday night was spent in Pontalier France, I had a big Mac meal and 9 chicken nuggets for dinner to fuel me up for the next days 168km ride to Gerardmere.

We had great weather over the 2 days and it was really nice roads to ride, quiet and beautiful scenery. We all arrived to Gerardmere at about 2pm Thursday, we went straight to registration then to the hotel to relax and recover.

Friday will be spent loosening up and getting ready for the race. Saturday will be race day, Sunday we will watch the short race and recover from our efforts. Then Monday will will start our ride home.

I have competed in the Gerardmere triathlon a few times now. It is a really great race with great organisation and in a beautiful part of France. It seems to always be sunny and warm for the race, hopefully it will be the same on Saturday. It is always a strong field, and this year along with my Team TBB buddies, there is also Faris Al Sultan, Mathias Hecht and Silvain Sudrie among others to compete against on Saturday, so it will be a good hard half, with a tough course and tough competitors.

Bella and Charlie will be out on the course supporting us all. Bella, I think is starting to get itchy feet wanting to get back to it. With the extra strength that comes with pregnancy she will be coming back better than ever I predict:)

2 weeks after this race I will be doing Challenge Henley, it will be great to race so close to home. Looks like it will be a good tough course and a great location for a triathlon.


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