Introducing Charlie Comerford Bayliss.

Introducing Charlie Comerford Bayliss.

Me with Charlie.

Charlie was born at about 5am on 5th August. It truly was the most incredible experience of my life. I am sure Bella will say the same but maybe in not quite the same way! (she will do a blog soon about her experiences).  The birth certainly was not an easy thing and is a seriously hard thing for women to do.  It was also not an easy task for me either to watch the one I love going through such pain!

But to see our baby arriving into the world and then holding him for the first time really was amazing, fantastic, incredible, and more. I know how often babies are born and just before Charlie popped out, in the other room another pooped out:) But it just feels like the most personal and special thing that can ever happen.

Bella at home with Charlie.

As you can tell I am so over joyed with little Charlie, he is so brilliant!
I was not soon keen to leave for my next race as he was so young and I want to spend every minuite with him, but he needs his mum more than me at the moment and so I went off to Challenge Copenhagen to try to earn some money:)

The race was going realy well, a good swim leading out with 2 others, then out on the bike and only Bjorn Anderson came past until another athlete came past in the last 4km and I came of in 3rd with 5mins and more to the eventual top 3. I really thought this was going to be my day!

Unfortunately as soon as I started the run, my stomach didn’t feel good, and I started being sick, after that I got going but soon I just came to a crawl with no calories, I managed to get going the last 21km but by then the race had gone, I finished 8th and picked up 700 euros and thanks to Challenge who paid expenses, I did at least come away with some profit.

I came back to Leysin with my travel buddies, Rebecca Keat who won the womens race with a really strong performance, and Jodie Swallow who lead the way in front of Bek until the start of the run where she had to stop beacuse of an ongoing foot injury. We had a good time together in Copenhagen but I wanted to get back to see Bella and Charlie.

Once back I had a chat with Brett and we decided to head to Challenge Vichy this weekend. So Bella and Charlie will come with me for this one, we will all go in the car.  Amy Marsh will be coming to do the race as well. So a little road trip for us all this weekend.

I haven’t ever done 2 Ironmans 1 week apart so it will be interesting to see how it goes. I feel pretty recovered from the race in Copenhagen, I feel like I only really ran 21km as the first 21km was so slow, so I think I can still do a good job. We will see on Sunday:)


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