4th at Half Challenge Barcelona, Race report.

We had a short trip to Barcelona from here is Leysin. We arrived on Friday night. I had a bit of a recee of the course on Saturday then race on Sunday.

The swim for the race was a 1lap in the sea with a beach start on the nice golden sands.  The bike was 2laps up and back on the coast road and the run was 2laps up and back on the promenade on the beach.  A fine course and a nice sunny day for the race.

I swam well coming out in the front group. Onto the bike and Sudrie rode off into the distance with Poulat. During the bike Jensens would also ride away and had a 2min advantage at the end of the bike. I caught Poulat towards the end of the bike and came off the bike with a group of 8guys and with Sudrie at 4mins and Poulat at 2mins ahead. Onto the run and I felt good and ran off from the others I was with. I was gaining ground on the 2 in front. I caught Jensens at around 12km, and was about 2min 20sec behind Sudrie. Unfortunatley I started to struggle with about 5km to go, I quickly realised it was a lack of calories and tried to get some food and energy drink in, but by this stage it was a bit late! I slowed considerably and got passed by Faure and Jensens. I was dissaopinted to come 4th as I felt in good shape and if I had just got more calories in then may have held on to 2nd, but if and buts are no good, Whatever the reasons I finished 4th and will have to not make the same mistake again.

Bella was a great support and was very happy to see me running well in 2nd place, but then not so happy to see me come back in towards the finish in 4th:(

Next stop for us both is 70.3 UK, Bella will be comentating and I will be racing.

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