Lots of races coming up.

Leysin Switzerland

I’m really happy to be back in Leysin Switzerland.  I decided to leave Krabi Thailand earlier than planned as the Koh Samui triathlon I was planning on doing got cancelled because of damaged roads and buildings due to the awful flooding that happened across southern Thailand.  It seems we were fairly lucky to be where we were in Krabi as the flooding was no where near as bad as some other parts not that far away.  As I understand at least 10people died in Krabi and at least 45 died in Southern Thailand in total.  So it was an awful time for many.

Bella and I were missing each other alot and so the silver lining for us was that we decided that I would come home early and are now really happy to be back together again.  It already was far to long to be apart!

I got back to the fresh air of Switzerland and the amazing summer temperatures that we are having at the moment, it is crazy, just like summer here at the moment!  Training for triathlon here in Leysin is the most perefect place in the world when it is warm and sunny.  I have got in some decent training since getting back, feeling quite tired at this precise moment, always a good sign that I am doing enough work;)  I will be heading to Fuertaventura next Wednesday to race the Challenge Half there on 29th April.  I am looking forward to testing myself.  And riding my SRAM and USE equiped Quintana Roo CD.01.  It is such a great bike, some really clever design features. I have been so impressed with this bike.

After Challenge Fuertaventura,  I then have a series of Halfs I will be doing in a build up to IM Austria in July.  I will do, 70.3 Mallorca, Challenge Barcelona, 70.3 UK, then IM Austria.  Then the build up to the big event the birth of our first child, which should be about 1 month after IM Austria!

Bella is looking great.  She is doing her swimming and lots of walking, she did pace me on one run I did last week, riding her bike and encouraging me along, I like it when she does this,  it makes me run fast:)

My brother Mark completed the Marathon Des Sables, he is back at home and working hard at Wings, he must be recovered as he is doing a 10km run and the Thames Turbo triathlon this weekend.  2 very short sprints for him after running a marathon everyday for a week!  Cheack out http://www.teambayliss.co.uk  for some great blogs by him about the MDS.

And if anyone wants to buy a nice track bike you have 1day left on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280659859921&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT#ht_500wt_949

you can follow Bella and I on twitter: @theironcouple.
or our website: http://www.theironcouple.com
or the http://www.teambayliss.co.uk


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