Ibiza-Abu Dhabi-Thailand.

I am currently in the midsts of some serious torential rain here in Krabi Thailand.  I have been here for 2 weeks now.

The view from the 18th floor, you need a head for heights!

I travelled here from the Abu Dhabi triathlon.  That was a great experience, an amazing experience to see the country and really good that Bella and I could be there together.  I enjoyed the whole time there, we got looked after so well by the race organisers, we were in a spectacular 5star hotel so who’s going to complain about that!  We were on the 18th floor, man that was high.  Their were a few more floors above us though, no good if you don’t like heights.  I had a little extra stress leading up to the race as my bike hadn’t arrived with me, in the end it arrived at 2:30am on the morning of the race, it was like christmas when i woke up in the morning to find it outside my room.  Massive thanks to Justin Rees, he is a big part of the race organisation, my bike wouldn’t have turned up intime if it wasn’t for him.  I know he helped alot of athletes over the week with all sorts of different problems, and was always professional efficient and polite about it all, well done Justin.

The race was also a great experience, I had a great swim and managed to get out onto the bike course in 1st place with a super fast transition.  Then the bike course was long and windy, I think my legs were not quite ready for 200km at 40kph and i lost a bit too much time to the front guys on the bike,   but i felt good on the run and picked a few off and ended up in 13th place, so not great but not bad either, great preparation for the rest of the season.

View of The Emirates Palace from our balcony window.

After the race, Bella and I had a sad good bye, as we then sperated for a few weeks, Bella went back to Scotland and had a scan, the baby looks great and is very healthy in Bella’s belly.

Baby Bayliss, incredible to be able to see him/her so clearly! Looks brilliant. So amazing! The Aberdeen hospital has a policy of not telling people the sex of the babies, so we don't know! Will have to wait till it pops out!

I headed off to train in Krabi Thailand for a few weeks leading up to my next race in Koh Samui Thailand.  I love training in Thailand, it is great, so different to most other places in the world, the people are so friendly and so relaxed.  As I said at the start we are having some major rain at the moment, it is crazy the amount of rain that can fall, and non stop for days!  So needless to say there is a fair bit of flooding.  It is keeping the pool temperature down though so that is nice as it is normall like a warm bath!

So next stop is Koh Samui triathlon on 24th April.  After that I head back to Bella and will be very happy to see her and our bump again, it is not easy being apart, i am not sure we would do this again!

Other big news in the world of TeamBayliss is that my brother Mark is in his last preparations for the Marathon De Sables in the Sahara desert, now this race is pretty crazy, good luck bro!  You can read about his experience here http://www.teambayliss.co.uk

You can also visit our website at: http://www.theironcouple.com
Or on Twitter @theironcouple

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