Off to Abu Dhabi soon.

Having a jog around the coastal path.

Bella and I are coming to the end of our stay here in Ibiza. It has been a very good 2 months training on the island of Ibiza, I have had everything I need to train well and the climate has been great in helping me to do just that.

The last couple of weeks have been a little interupted with training but also a fun couple of weeks. Bella and I had a short break from Ibiza with a trip back to my parents for my mums 60th birthday party. That was fun! Then on the morning after we headed to the TCR show for the 10km in the morning, which I was very happy to win. Then we spent the rest of the day meeting people and doing a Q and A which was also fun along with Philip Graves we all gave some helpfull answers, ..well I hope so!

After the weekend we had a slight delay thanks to a major delay on Easy jet so we made the decision to leave on a different day. Once back to Ibiza I had a good couple of days training and then managed to eat something dodgy and was sick for a few days, it knocked me out and I was really weak, but as quick as it came I started to get my strength back very quickly as well. So I have had a good weeks training since that little hiccup. I will do a short duathlon race here this weekend then start getting ready for our travel to Abu Dhabi. I am really loking forward to getting there and seeing what it is like, it will be my first trip to the middle east. I am of course looking forward to my first triathlon of the year, it will be great to test myself against a very strong field.

Bella is doing great and is starting to look more and more pregnant. She is doing little bits of exercise and I enjoy having her accompany me on some of my runs, she rides her bike and she brings her whip(not a real whip but I would say it is a metaphorical whip though) and gets me moving as quick as I can, it is an extra bit of motivation to try and get that bit more out of myself:)

I will be sad to leave Abu Dhabi though as I will be going on to training camp in Krabi Thailand without Bella as she will be heading to Scotland then Switzerland. It will be hard to spend this time apart but it will hopefully pay dividends in the races:)

I would like to wish all the people in Christchurch right now all my good thoughts, Bella and I count ourselves very lucky to be able to do what we do without many problems(touching wood!), but those in Christchurch right now are just surviving and many are mourning the deaths of friends and family. Our thoughts are with all those that lost loved ones.

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