Attending TCR show next weekend.

Doing my daily arm flexions, an important part of my training regime:)

So Bella and I have been in Ibiza for just over 1 month now. It has been great training here, the weather has been really good, well the odd rainy day, but so much better than the weather in the UK. The local Ibiza newspaper did an article on us this week with the title “Training in Paradise” it was a nice article and I agree with the title. The paper were keen on reporting how good the island is for sports and not just for it’s very popular night life.

 I am feeling stronger each week. I had a small break at the end of the year and along with getting a bit ill over Christmas I’d had a nice break from training full time. So I have been working hard this last month just building up. I feel like I am getting quite fit quite quickly so that feels good. But I definately have some work to do. I am getting used to my new bike position.

I have also been planning which races I do this season. I am not interested in doing only Ironman and 70.3 races this year and so will be doing many other races like Challenge Henley and some Challenge Halfs. This will mean it is unlikely that I will get many points for Hawaii qualification, but that is fine for this year. For 2012 I might have more of a Hawaii focus but for 2011 I it is not a big aim.

A big shame with these new Ironman rules are that some well established races have been cut in prize money, like IM Lanzarote, this race has now had the prize money cut in half! I mean this race it probably the best Ironman course out there and is such a classic race with a long history and they have cut it’s prize money in half and given it the lowest amount of Pro Hawaii qualification points, now that just doesn’t seem right to me!

So Bella is doing well and starting to get a slight bulge on her belly:) It’s very exciting to think that our child is growing in there. I know that 1000’s or people have babies everyday all over the world but it feels incredibly special to have your own child on the way.

So some new news. We are going to be attending the TCR show next weekend. We will be there on Sunday 13th. I will run in the 10km race in the morning then we will be doing a QandA at 11:30, so come along and ask us some questions:) We will then be around and about at the show for a while. Don’t be shy and come and say hello! Hope to see some of you soon at the TCR show.

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