Training in Ibiza.

By the pool, this pool is a bit cold to swim in though:) We use a nice heated one:)

Bella and I are back in Ibiza again. We were here in November for the Home de Ferro race and then for 3 weeks training after the race. But aslo we conceived a baby Bayliss during that time in November! That is a productive training camp;)

We love Ibiza, we have both been here many times, and strangley have never been clubbing on any of our trips here:) I am thinking of naming the baby, Ibiza, but I don’t think Bella is quite so keen on that idea.

In between our stays in Ibiza we were in the UK for most of December. We visited Bella’s parents up in Aberdeenshire, boy that was cold up there and so much snow! We were not as hard core as Bella’s old PE teacher and his son who would cycle to the pool through the snow and ice and in -15C, we just drove to the pool in the car:)

We had a great time over Christmas up in Scotland visiting Bella’s Sister and husband and their 2 lovely children and also Bella’s parents and all their animals who were doing very well surviving the cold. The ducks and chickens had moved into the hay shed to keep warm. Smart move!

Down at my parents we were all ill. I think we all had what everybody else had in the UK over christmas; swine flu, cold, bronchitus, asthma, numonia disease all in one go. So that was a pain in the bum! But it was good to see lots of family including my brother and his fiance and their new house.

Then at the beginning of January we headed back here to Ibiza, it has been great, load s of sunshine, lovely quiet roads. Bella has been doing little bits of exercise to keep ticking over. I have been building up the training with Dan Halksworth a British triathlete from Jersey who will be a new member of Team TBB this year.

We have been here about 3 weeks now and will stay here till we fly to Abu Dhabi for my first race of 2011. I would love to go there and win, that is what I would love to do:) But it will be my first race of the year and I will be happy to do a decent job. I won’t rule out the idea of winning as I will be trying as hard as I can to try and win. But the main aim will be to get the race under my belt and keep building up for races later in the year.

That is all for now. All the best to everyone training in the UK at present, I know the weather is not ideal, but spring will be around soon! Or you could take a trip out here to Ibiza and get some miles in:)

Thanks for reading.
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