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P Diddy nearly bought the Palace!

P Diddy nearly bought the Palace!

Before I talk about the World Cup, I would like to reasure all of you that are worrying about Croydon’s greatest football team, Crystal Palace, that it looks like they will survice, well hopefully anyway! P Diddy was rumured to be buying them but instead a group of Croydon buisness men will be buying them, hopefully!

Well what about England in the World Cup? They offered glimers of excellence in there 4 matches they played, but unfortunately mostly they offered thoroughly uninspiring and very poor football.

When I watched some of the other mathches, for instance Argentina against Mexico, compared to England we looked completely usless, Argentina were fast, skillfull, adventurous, passionate and determined, I think they will do very well in this World Cup, if they don’t let in too many goals!

Along with the rest of England, Bella and I(even though Bella is Scottish, she pretends to support England when we watch together:)) have been debating why England did so poorly. Is it the managers fault? The players fault? Engalnd FA’s fault? FIFA’s fault(amazing there is no goal line technology, it must be too expensive for FIFA?!)?

So my conclusion is most of our team aren’t in the same league as most of the Spanish, Brazilians, Argentinians players. However France and Italy didn’t do well either so maybe it isn’t the players. I think Capello didn’t do a great job, surely given that they have so little time to prepare for a World cup, the players should be playing in a similar position and system as they are used to in the Premiership.

Anyway here is my answer, the English FA should start an English team for the Priemiership, and it can have a big budget as they can afford it, and the team at the start of the year is the team that plays in the World or European Cup. I am sure there are lots of reasons why this can’t happen, but if England are serious about winning the World Cup then why not do this?

(edit: my pictures don’t like uploading at the connection here at the swimming pool:( I will try again later,  it is a picture of us all on Aberdeen beach, you will have to use your imagination,  the weather was loverly and the beach looked beautifull but the sea was cold.)

Last week Bella and I had a short trip up to Aberdeen after 70.3 UK and had a great time with the family:) Then back to Leysin, the weather here is just as in the UK at the moment and is absolutely perefct, there is no where in the world as beautiful as Leysin, especially when the sun is shinning.

(edit: another picture supposed to be here,  of me in Leysin)

This week Bella and I head down to Klagenfurt in Austria for the Ironman on Sunday, it is another beautiful part of the world, a lovely course and we will both be doing our very best and fighting it out with the rest of the competitors on Sunday.



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