A trip to Croydon and a race in Kent.

Coming out of the swim in Leybourne lake.

Coming out of the swim in Leybourne lake.

I did the  tri grand prix race down in Kent on Sunday,  I was up the front on the swim and came out in the first pack and with a black eye!  On the bike and run I didn’t have the legs I needed and finished up in around 10th (I don’t know the exact results yet).  It was a good workout, that is about all I got out of this one.  The lake was nice, but quite cool, I wore a silcone cap, a neoprene cap and and the orange race cap over the top to keep warm.  The roads were very bumpy and extremely busy, onto the run and it was an interesting run course, quite alot of people out doing their Sunday thing; walking dogs, feeding the ducks, riding bikes, doing the shopping all on the run course.  I believe Nick Saunders got abused buy some local youths, who told him to “run forest run”,  he said “oi your the one that needs to do some running fatso” 🙂
Coming out of transition.

Coming out of transition.


This week we have been in Croydon(well actually near Croydon, my parents don’t quite live in Croydon anymore!)  It is always great to be back,  but it is amazing how busy the roads are, all the time!  And wow,  the pot holes,  they are everywhere!  The roads are really bad at the moment.

Selhurst Park, Crystal Palace's Football Ground.

Oh no!  The Eagles are in trouble!  Yes I am very sorry to say that Crystal Palace Football club are on the verge of dissapearing completely!  They need to pay the administrators but can’t and so might go into liquidation.  I really hope that the football club can survive.


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