Florida is not hot!

It was hot when we got of the plane at 10pm, it was 85F. So what has happened to the heat, it is bloody freezing today! My head turned to an ice cube!!

We had a fine trip to Florida from Hawaii, I must say there is a massive difference between air stewardesess on Asian air lines compared to American airlines.  I try to have a nap on an Aisian airline and I don’t get bashed in the head by a big stewardesses bum every 2mins.  I think the Ilses will have to be made bigger on the American flights to accommodate them.  Infact Americans are massive!  I have done a study and they are 3 times as big as British people and that is why they need cars that are 3 times the size.

Anyway I love America, the people are very friendly and shout alot at you, “Hey, where are you from” they shout when they hear my accent, I say “the UK” they shout “oh Australia” I say “yes”.

I do really love all Americans so please don’t be upset all my American friends, I know that you are all bringing the average American body size down.

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