2nd at Ironman UK

Last year Bella married the winner of Ironman UK. So I have been worried what would happen if I didn’t manage to win and unfortunately I didn’t quite manage to win…………

But lucky for me after the race, Bella said that she is going to give our relationship at least 50years to see how we go:)

I had a good swim, I led the first lap and then Philip Graves, the eventual winner, led the 2nd lap and put in a couple of fast efforts so then we were just the 2 at the end of the swim. Then from the start of the bike Philip gradually opened up a lead and so we both rode our own pace all alone for 180km. At the end of the bike I saw Philip heading out onto the run and I was 7mins behind, I felt this a managable gap to try to catch him.

I ran my best, I wish I had had a bit more to catch him, but in the end Philip had a great race and I was 2mins 28secs behind. I was dissapointed but had a good race and was beaten by a stonger man on the day. Well done to Philip on a very impressive debut Ironman.

I will be back and stronger to fight another day.

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