Bayliss comes 363rd

The race is held in a beautiful part of the English countryside near Exmoor national park. The race is based around Wimbleball lake which is very picturesque.

My race: I came out of the swim in 4th with I think 6 others, including Fraser Cartmell(last years champion), Philip Graves(this years eventual Champion) and Bjorn Anderson. On the bike Graves went off building a 4min 30sec lead, Cartmell, Anderson and myself came off the bike together and worked on trying to catch Mr Graves.

Onto the run I managed to open a gap to Fraser and Bjorn, I took the lead down to 2min 20sec after the first 7km lap then 1min 15sec after the 2nd lap, but then my legs wouldn’t go as fast I wanted them too and infact slowed alot, I was 3min 30sec down at the end. It was a good hard race and I had lots of fun catching up with friends.

Well done to my brother Mark , who somehow got round in about 6hrs without doing much biking or running, this is mainly due to the fact he works 12hrs a day at the family buisness!

A little story about my brother, I just tell this as it is one of my favourites and probably the others are a bit too rude!

: We were both at Scouts, which was more like the local youth club really, a Friday night, we were out on the streets around the club house doing something. Anyway the local gang, “the Kenley Bashers” or something stupid like that decided to cause us some trouble. We all ran off back to the club house, but not my brother, he wasn’t one for running away, so when I saw they were all right on him, pushing and shoving, I ran back, not that I would have been much help(I was a bit puny!) So anyway the leader of the gang who Mark had had some dealings with at school was giving it alot of mouth. So… My brother threw the best right hook ever, knocking him clean out and smack on the floor, the look on the others faces was a picture! They just stood there, then we ran. We had to get a police escort back out of the Club house to the car:)

Anyway, well done bro, try to get some training in before IMUK 🙂

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