Air travel tips for triathletes

Bella and I packed up all our worldy possesions and have arrived in Lanzarote. All our worldy possesions must consist of 20kg checked baggage and as much hand baggage as we can get away with, around 10kgs if we are lucky.

From Subic bay to Port Elizabeth, South Africa no baggage fees. Mission accomplished. But a slightly tight neck from carrying a heavy ruck sack around 🙂

Then Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg. A small baggage fee. So before the next flight we had to reduce the weight in our bike boxes. We throw out some more clothes, take out our wetsuits, some tyres and some other bits and pieces so now we are really heavy on hand baggage but not too bad on checked baggage 🙂

Check in at Jo burg, all is good. No excess. But next stop is to get through departures with all our hand luggage; 1 massive ruck sack and another smaller bag with clothes and wetsuits in each. But yes we got through, all the way to Lanzarote with no more excess baggage fees:)

Although on a taxi trip to a hotel in Lisbon we got double charge, by a smiling crooked taxi man, we only realised on the taxi back to the airport! Well you take the good with the bad.

So my travel tips for Triathletes include:

. Always smile at the check in person (also if a man then send Bella up first, if a woman then I use my irrisistable charm:)

. If the baggage allowance is 20kg, then you should be ok with 23kg but once you get over 25kg they will probably charge.

. Always check the meter before getting out of a taxi!

.Hand baggage, well this is luck of the draw, if you flying out of a UK airport they will be very strict on handbaggage, any where else in the world it seems you can push your luck a bit with the hand baggage. Ah yes another tip with hand luggage, hide it from the check in staff so they don’t ask to weigh it. Down in front of the check in desk is good.

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