6th at Ironman NewZealand

It is the morning after the race. I feel a little stiff and tired but I have had a decent sleep and am not too bad really.

The race for me was ok, I had a decent swim coming out in the front group although the fast swimming Brent Foster had about 30sec on the rest of us. I had a super fast transition and so was first out of our group onto the bike. Then after a few kms it was a group of Bozzone, Brown, Boeckl, Rapheal and my self, we were together till 50km to go when Boekcl opened up a lead then the last 40km Brown opened up a gap too.

At the end of the bike I was pleased only be 5mins down on 1st and 2min down on 2nd. I knew I was pretty tired but thought I could still run well, but straight off the bike my legs were not there and had a bit of a struggle and a lack of calories so in the end finished up 6th.

It was interesting to see Cameron Brown race, the main thing is, he is fit fit fit, he rides very solid then gets off and is in good shape and ran a 2:42. He has obviously put in years of very good training and it shows.

For me I knew I was not in top top shape, but the race was a good workout and I’m not far off.

Great to see Lisbeth out there leading for such a long time.

Bella gave it everything she had on the day.

We have had a great time here in Taupo, thanks to the organisers for looking after us.

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