Don't get on the wrong bus at KL airport!

Meticulous planning by Bella as always, including a pre paid bus ticket from KL budget terminal to KL international all organised. But sometimes the best laid plans can still get messed up when in Asia.

We asked at check in and on the plane where do we collect our Air Asia bus ticket? We were told to go to a desk just outside baggage reclaim. So out we walk and there it was, they say “just go to the bus at bus stop 3 and get on”

So off we trot to the AIr Asia bus at Bus stop 3, show him our ticket and on we get. Great I am thinking, just relaxing enjoying the ride, but after about 20mins Bella says we are going the wrong way and just before we turn onto the Motorway heading for KL city she makes the bus driver stop and we get off on the side of the road and hope we can get a taxi with us and our luggage back to the KLIA. After a while a nice minivan taxi comes along and picks us up and so we are back on track.

Other than that bit of excitement the journey was very smooth.

We are now in beautiful Taupo and have been put up in a fantasticly nice and comfortable Motel close to the lake and town centre, which is great. We are happy and enjoying our time here.

Getting ready for the race with swim bikes and runs, it is good to have been here a few times before so we know the best places to do our training.

Ciao for now!


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