What I was doing 6years ago.

I thought I would post a blog today because I was reminded of what I was doing 6years ago, I was working as a bank clerk in Kingston, Surrey, UK(this was the biggest endurance test of my life, working fulltime in a job I pretty much hated and surrounded by people I had nothing in common with, well my next job as a call centre operative for a DIY store was possibly tougher!).

I was training in any spare time I had and dreaming of winning races and being a fulltime triathlete.

Now I’ll be honest, I was a long way from winning any money in any races, maybe the odd 10th place every now and then in a bigger race or a gift voucher for winning a local race.

So to now be a proffesional triathlete actually earning enough money to live on, and working towards achieving goals I have only dreamt of, which are now becoming realistic! Well that is a dream for me and to be doing this with Bella. Well live doesn’t actually get much better than that!

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