2nd at Ironman UK.

A Cold and Windy day in the UK was what greeted us come race morning, but at least it wasn’t raining!

Well I had a crap swim, I am blaming the cold water for my poor start, but anyway my swim wasn’t so good and I ended up coming out in 4th but then with a super fast transition was onto the bike in 2nd and 2mins down on Bryan Rhodes!

On the bike I felt ok, and rode solid but knew I probably wouldn’t see Mr Rhodes again on the bike but hoped I may see him on the run!

I came off the bike as I started it in 2nd with 3 guys just behind me.

Another quick transition and I was out and running 12mins down on Rhodes. I was running with Scott Neyedli, and we were running quite well together, after about 6miles the gap was down to 8mins and we then knew there was a chance of chatching Bryan.

At this stage I thought I could out run Mr Neyedli, as I have in all races previously, he was to surprise me though, with some very strong running on the uphills, that really sapped my strength, I had a little blip with running out of fuel a bit and struggling for a couple of miles untill the gels I swallowed down kicked in, once they had the gap was over 2mins, bugger!

In the end I finished just over 2mins down, who knows with a bit better fueling I could have pipped mr Neyedli, but very well done to Scott, he really raced very strongly and took away a great win.

I am very happy with 2nd, and I know, with more time and hard work I can swim bike and run alot better.

Next race is Singapore 70.3 then some solid work towards IM Florida on 3rd November:)

Thanks for reading.

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