Getting around the dreaded baggage allowance!

Here are Bella and my tips on getting through checkin with the strict baggage alowance that most airlines apply these days:

1. Pack light. Great tip I here you say but really try to just take the essentials, you can always buy, when you get there, cheap Tshirts, underwear etc.
2. Use a cardboard bike box, they are the lightest bike carrying device and they actually protect the bike very well.
3. Pack heavy items in Hand luggage. I put the seat post and saddle in hand luggage.
4. Have a very big rucksack as hand luggage, it is usually possible to get through checkin without them saying anything about the size of your hand luggage.
5. Have a couple of extra bags(plastic bags are good as they look like things you have just bought) , Bum bags are good, get a massive one, people don’t usually notice the bum bag!
6. There is also the good old foot under the bag whilst on the scale trick! You need a very steady foot!

Bella and I are off to the airport tomorrow so will be employing this tips ourselves. We are off to Brazil for Ironman Brazil on Sunday.

We have had a great 2weeks training in Arizona after our last race Florida 101. We have been staying with Marcie, John and there daughter Madison(amazing singer, a big future for her, look out for her in the future). We have been looked after so well, I believe that the whole family should be considered for Saint hood, or something equally as special!


Wow this picture is enourmous, maybe Thomas can help me reduce the size again. I will ask him.

We have 4 Team TBB athletes racing Ironman Brazil on Sunday: Hillary, Renaldo, Bella and Myself, 4 athletes in great shape so we hope to all be right in the mix on Sunday.

Hopefully I will have access to email on Sunday after the race and I can update you all on my race. You can follow all the team TBB athletes during the race on

Thanks for reading

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