Tri 122 Costa Teguise

Running SB TRi122

Saturday 24th March the Tri122 triathlon right here in Costa Teguise, next door to Sands Beach Resort. So great to have such a special race right on the doorstep. A really brilliant course, lovely swim in Las Cucharas, then an epic bike course to Orzola then back to Tabeyesco and up to the top, then whiz along back down and around to Costa Teguise and then run all along the promenade of Costa Teguise.

Well done organising a wonderful event!

And a special well done to all Tri Activ team racing. Jason Wilkes, Paul Rodbourn, Paul Kay, Michael Lavender, Marcos Knight, Adrián Rodríguez Hernández, Mike Gardner, Samuel Felipe and Brian Timmons !

Thank you to everyone for the great support out on the course for everyone out there!

Thank you James Mitchell for the great photos as always.

Also thankyou to Zone3 for the wetsuit to help me come out in the lead. Then My AIrstreeem/English Cycles bike combo (until the Airstreeem custom bike is ready 🙂 ) And the OnRunning shoes to help me get to the finish line is 1st place.

And a big thank you to Sands Beach Resort for there continued support of Tri Activ and triathlon 🙂

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New blogs at:

I can’t seem to migrate my blogs over from my teamtbb blog, so I am just updating the one.

You can see them here:

or the link on my page on

Thanks for reading:)

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Who’s the boss?

Who's the boss?

Brett with assistant coach Charlie:)

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Mummy swimming hard!

Mummy swimming hard!

Beautiful pool in Gran Canaria.

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Challenge Barcelona

On Sunday I did Challenge Barcelona.  This was to be my 4th Iron Distance race in the last 7weeks with a half distance race thrown in there too.  So I knew going into the race that this might be a long shot,  but I still felt confident of gettinga  top 5 result and picking up a decent pay cheque.

On race day the weather was lovely, warm, sunny and fairly still wind.  I had a good swim coming out in the front group, then had a good bike coming of the bike in 2nd with Anton Blokin, we had a 5min 30sec gap to 1st and we had about the same to a big group behind.

From the start of the run my legs didn’t seem to be there,  but I persisted and picked up the pace in the 2nd 10km, but then I faded and really had nothing, I eventually called it a day at the 30km mark and walked back to the hotel with Bella and Charlie.  I was dissapointed,  but I had given it my best shot and I guess this last 2months of racing has tired me out. 

The finish at Challenge Vichy, with Bella and Charlie waiting for me. The high point of my race season:)

I have raced 6 Challenge races this year.  It has been a really good experience, every one of the races has been well organised and a great advert for triathlon.  Thank you to Felix and Kathrin Walchshoefer of the Challenge organisation for being at all the races and being so welcoming  to me and every competitor into the Challenge Family:)  I need a bit of a rest just now so it might be next year till I do my next Challenge event, but I can’t wait!

Charlie the aero tortoise!

Bella, Charlie and I are back to Switzerland now and I am enjoying some easier training, which I will do for a while to recopperate.  Bella is really getting going now with her training, so I can look after Charlie a bit more while she gets stuck in to it.  Charlie is doing great and growing all the time.  He likes coming swimming in the morning and watches us swim very intently, and it often looks like he is assessing everyones swim strokes:)

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Challenge Henley

Running the best I could. But not very good:(

Sunday was the first ever Challenge Henley.   And it was a great success.  Not so much for me:)  But for the inaugural race it went really well and was a great credit to all at the Justracing crew and everybody else who was part of helping out.  Aid stations were great, with very enthusiastic volunteers all doing a great job keeping all the competitors going.

My race went ok.  Swim was good,  I lead the whole way with Aaron and another lad just behind, we had a good 7mins to the rest of the male pros.  Onto the bike and I rode ok.  Eventually losing about 3mins to Aaron but with a good gap on the rest behind.

Onto the run and I pushed on the best I could and I caught Aaron just after the half way mark, unfortunatley, Peter had also caught us both.  My energy was dissaperaing and I kept pushing on the best I could but it wasn’t very good, but it was the best I could do.  I finished 4th.

I would have loved to have won.  But if you are not good enough on the day then you are not good enough.  Well done to everyone who was competing on Sunday.  It was a great event to be a part off.

Next stop Challenge Barcelona in 2 weeks time.

At this moment I am just really looking forward to getting back to Bella and Charlie, it really is no fun being apart. xx

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Cycle to Gerardmere, race and ride home.

Since Challenge Henley 2 weeks ago I have had a good recovery and started to get in some good training again. In fact with my training buddies from Team TBB; Aaron Farlow, Dave Dellow and Caroline Steffan, we have decided on a special training plan for this week and weekend. On Wednesday we all left on our bikes for Gerardmere France so we can race the Half distance on Saturday.

Bella trying to get up to date with emails, whilst holding Charlie:)

It is 300km from Leysin, so we decided it would be a great ride over 2days. Bella and Charlie went in the car, Bella driving with Charlie in the car seat in the back. Charlie quite likes driving so was fairly content for most of the journey.

Wednesday night was spent in Pontalier France, I had a big Mac meal and 9 chicken nuggets for dinner to fuel me up for the next days 168km ride to Gerardmere.

We had great weather over the 2 days and it was really nice roads to ride, quiet and beautiful scenery. We all arrived to Gerardmere at about 2pm Thursday, we went straight to registration then to the hotel to relax and recover.

Friday will be spent loosening up and getting ready for the race. Saturday will be race day, Sunday we will watch the short race and recover from our efforts. Then Monday will will start our ride home.

I have competed in the Gerardmere triathlon a few times now. It is a really great race with great organisation and in a beautiful part of France. It seems to always be sunny and warm for the race, hopefully it will be the same on Saturday. It is always a strong field, and this year along with my Team TBB buddies, there is also Faris Al Sultan, Mathias Hecht and Silvain Sudrie among others to compete against on Saturday, so it will be a good hard half, with a tough course and tough competitors.

Bella and Charlie will be out on the course supporting us all. Bella, I think is starting to get itchy feet wanting to get back to it. With the extra strength that comes with pregnancy she will be coming back better than ever I predict:)

2 weeks after this race I will be doing Challenge Henley, it will be great to race so close to home. Looks like it will be a good tough course and a great location for a triathlon.

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Challenge Vichy with Charlie and Bella.

At the finish line, so brilliant for all 3 of us to be there together!

What a great weekend. The first trip away with Charlie for Bella and I. We headed off on Friday to Challenge Vichy in France. We had Amy Marsh as a travel companion too. We all fitted nice and snuggly in the car with the bikes on the back.

On the Saturday before the race we had a little swim, bike and run and sussed out our surroundings a bit, saw a bit of the swim course and run course but didn’t have time to see the bike course so it was going to be a surprise to us come race day. What we did know is that this was going to be one hot race, it was a heat wave across France with temperatures in the high 30’s.

On race day we walked down to transition, it was already pretty warm. I did my normal warm up and then got ready to head down to the swim start. I noticed nobody had wetsuits with them. I check with the competitors and was informed it was a non wetsuit swim. So no need for the neoprene. Into the water and it was very warm, lovely for swimming!

I had a good start and was behind Raul Shaw and Ben Sanson(two really great swimmers) so was happy with this. Towards the end I moved around Ben and came out on Raul’s feet. A good start to the day. A qiuck transition and I was out onto the bike in 1st. Riding past our hotel and seeing Bella and Charlie was great, a qiuck wave and smile to them, and a nice shout from Bella:)

I was expecting to have some athletes catch me but in the end I was riding strong and only got caught by 2 guys at around 125km and then we 3 stayed together till the end of the bike.

Out onto the run and I had a small gap to 2nd and 3rd. But it was really really HOT! So I kept the pace conservative. I also went through a bad patch around 7km mark and I got passed and lost a fair bit of time to 1st. But I got through this patch and just kept a steady pace in what was crazy hot temperatures. I was stopping at each aid station to drink as much coke and water as I could fit in my belly without being sick!

Each of the 4 laps I would see first Brett (who turned up out on the course, which was a surprise to us all, a nice surprise!) with some words of encouragment(Brett style:)) and then Bella and Charlie which really kept my mind on the job to try and bring home the bacon:)

Just before the half way mark the time gaps to the leader started coming down, then at about 21km I passed the leader, he was stopped at an aid station and obviously not enjoying this hot hot weather!

So I now was in the lead again and feeling ok, but knowing that in this weather it is not a sure thing to keep running good, so I kept the pace comfortable and tried to keep a track on what was happening behind me. I had 2 guys Jamie Whyte and Teemo Lemmettylä running well behind and at times starting to close the gap. So with some good advice from Brett, he said “just keep it steady till the turn around with 5km to go and see what the gap is”, furtunately the gap had opened to 2nd and I knew I just needed to keep going at a decent pace to take this one.

But I didn’t want to be sure till I was at the finish, so I kept my mind on the job and made sure I did everything right to keep hydrated and fueled and got to the finish to high 5 Brett! Then into the brilliant finish arena to see Bella with Charlie in her arms, I gave them both a quick kiss then carried on around the arena waving to the crowd and then crossed the finish line for my 3rd Iron distance win. There were a few joyous tears:)

To be greeted by Bella and Charlie at the finish to hug and kiss them was THE BEST! I will never forget that moment.

After finishing in a dissapointing 8th the Sunday before at Challenge Copenhagen I really was a bit down but with Bretts help and getting me to enter Challenge Vichy 1 week later, I won! It’s a funny thing the body and mind, I would not necessaily do an Ironman a week before another Ironman and want to do well. But that is exactly what I did and for the swim and the bike I felt great and only because of the heat was the run such a struggle!

Thanks Brett!

Big congrats to Amy for winning the womens race, great job. Also for being such a pleasure to travel with all weekend. Thanks and Well done!

And well done to everybody who competed on Sunday it was a real hard run in that heat, I don’t think anybody felt good on that run, it was just a survival type of run!

Thanks to Felix of Challenge, and Gael and the rest of Challenge Vichy organisers for allowing my late entry and for putting on a great race in such a beautiful part of the world. I can recommend visiting Vichy for this race or just for a training trip, really great triathlon training in this part of the world!

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Introducing Charlie Comerford Bayliss.

Introducing Charlie Comerford Bayliss.

Me with Charlie.

Charlie was born at about 5am on 5th August. It truly was the most incredible experience of my life. I am sure Bella will say the same but maybe in not quite the same way! (she will do a blog soon about her experiences).  The birth certainly was not an easy thing and is a seriously hard thing for women to do.  It was also not an easy task for me either to watch the one I love going through such pain!

But to see our baby arriving into the world and then holding him for the first time really was amazing, fantastic, incredible, and more. I know how often babies are born and just before Charlie popped out, in the other room another pooped out:) But it just feels like the most personal and special thing that can ever happen.

Bella at home with Charlie.

As you can tell I am so over joyed with little Charlie, he is so brilliant!
I was not soon keen to leave for my next race as he was so young and I want to spend every minuite with him, but he needs his mum more than me at the moment and so I went off to Challenge Copenhagen to try to earn some money:)

The race was going realy well, a good swim leading out with 2 others, then out on the bike and only Bjorn Anderson came past until another athlete came past in the last 4km and I came of in 3rd with 5mins and more to the eventual top 3. I really thought this was going to be my day!

Unfortunately as soon as I started the run, my stomach didn’t feel good, and I started being sick, after that I got going but soon I just came to a crawl with no calories, I managed to get going the last 21km but by then the race had gone, I finished 8th and picked up 700 euros and thanks to Challenge who paid expenses, I did at least come away with some profit.

I came back to Leysin with my travel buddies, Rebecca Keat who won the womens race with a really strong performance, and Jodie Swallow who lead the way in front of Bek until the start of the run where she had to stop beacuse of an ongoing foot injury. We had a good time together in Copenhagen but I wanted to get back to see Bella and Charlie.

Once back I had a chat with Brett and we decided to head to Challenge Vichy this weekend. So Bella and Charlie will come with me for this one, we will all go in the car.  Amy Marsh will be coming to do the race as well. So a little road trip for us all this weekend.

I haven’t ever done 2 Ironmans 1 week apart so it will be interesting to see how it goes. I feel pretty recovered from the race in Copenhagen, I feel like I only really ran 21km as the first 21km was so slow, so I think I can still do a good job. We will see on Sunday:)

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70.3 UK, Ironman Austria and Pregnancy.

I’ll start by talking about 70.3 UK.  Bella and I left Leysin, Switzerland on the Friday before the race in Wimbleball.  We both were looking forward to our weekend down in Wimbleball.

We always enjoy our time there at Gilians B and B, Holworthy Farm. I can highly recomend a trip to Holworthy farm any time of the year for a training camp our just a nice relaxing break.

Anyway we had a great busy weekend, Bella did some great work as co comentator with Whit Ramond and Emma Jenkinson, they were a great team and Bella was great with her insightful comments before, during and after the race.

I love the race at Wimbleball it is such an excellent, challenging Half Ironman. The swim went well, my freind and training mate Dan Halksworth lead the swim and set a good pace so it was just Dan, Martin Jensen and my self exiting the swim together. After a swift transition and a good climb of the first hill on the bike course it was just Dan and Myself setting the pace up front.

Towards the end of the 1st lap of the bike eventual winner Mikel Azegzabel came past. He had a 2min lead at end of the bike I had 1min on Dan. Onto the run and my run legs weren’t quite with me, I had had a hard run week the week before and I think that this had taken a bit away from my run. So I did my best and finished 2nd, 1min 15secs behind. It was the best I could do and was keen to recover from this and get prepared for Ironman Austria in 2 weeks time.

We spend a great 11days in Carshalton at my parents. Did some good training and resting getting my body ready to do a good race in Austria. On the wednesday before the race we had a great day up at and had some really intersting info on run biomechanics.

On Thursday we travelled out to Klagenfurt Austria. It is such a beautiful area a brilliant location for triathlon. My Mum and Brother arrived on Friday, my brother Mark would be doing his 2nd Ironman here in Klagenfurt, he is in good shape considering the amount of training he can fit in with his hectic work schedule. It was really nice to be able to spend some time with ma brother and mum.

It was very interesting to see how relax my brother is about competing, he has no real worries of how the race will go. He doesn’t bother doing all the loosening up the days before the race that i do. He just gets to the race and starts when the gun goes off and just goes round the course enjoying the day and doing the best he can. Where as I am deadly serious about every little thing being just right before the race, I focus completely on warming up before the start and don’t like to be distracted with small talk with others at that stage. Mark found this quite funny:)

I know this is all because I am racing for my pay check and my brother is racing solely for the fun and challenge of it. That is what is great about Ironman, all sorts of people are racing and all for their own personal reasons.

It is really important that I get as high up in the placings as possible, especially this year when we are relying on my prize money and with no prize money from Bella this year. So when I do a race, it really is my days work and if I don’t do well then I don’t get paid and it is a lot of effort for nothing.

So to the race. The swim in Klagenfurt is lovely in a warm clear lake. I got a good start and was in 2nd behind Marko Albert, unfortunatle I couldn’t quite stay with him and ended up coming out in 2nd place with 4 others behind me incl Marino Vanhoenaker. On to the bike and Marino went off like a rocket, I tried to just settle into my rythm, I felt I had a decent bike ride and came off the bike in 4th with Tom Lowe. But we were already 20mins behind Vanhoenaker, not such a great time split to get!

Marino did go on to smash the Ironman World Record so he was going very very fast!

Onto the run and I had to just get into my pace and settle in, the first 10km were not great, but I gradually losseend up and got a decent pace going. Tom was off in front by now though and I was in 5th. I ran as hard as I could and stayed in 5th. It was a decent race, and about where my fitness is right now. I am not in my best possible shape and for my first Ironman of the year I am satisfied with my performance. I know I can get my bike and run performances better in the mext couple of months.

So a good couple of weeks, we then drove back to Leysin and are very happy to be back home and get back to perparing for the birth of Baby Bayliss and also my next races.

Bella is doing great, her Belly is getting bigger still. She is still swimming and walking lots. We have been seeing lots of people with new babies it is interesting to speak to them abou their experiences. It is getting more and more exciting to think that we will have a little baby very soon. I know that , as the TV show says, 1 is born every min, but it feels so special to be having our own baby growing inside Bella, just and incredible incredible thing, amazing!

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